The Aviator (2004)

– Heard you were wooing Ginger Rogers.
What about that?

+ She’s just a friend.

– Men can’t be friends with women.
They must possess them
or leave them be.

+ It’s a primitive urge from caveman days.
It’s all in Darwin.

– Hunt the flesh, kill the flesh, eat the flesh.
That’s the male s e x all over.

+ Excuse me?

چینشش درست نشد. به درستی خودتون ببخشین!

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  1. آزاده

    I wish it wasn’t true!

  2. خارخاسک 7دنده


  3. Asiyeh

    مهم اینه که ما نتونستیم بخونیمش :دی

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