ME, myself

نوشته شده توسط امین در 29 خرداد 1387

You think you know me just because you know my name? You think you see me because you’ve seen every line on my face? You want me just because I say that I want you? But does it matter if anything I’m saying is the truth? You need somebody! Somebody to hold on to! But this ain’t the movies and we ain’t heroes!

But still I love you my friends,

۳ دیدگاه دسته‌بندی : قدیمی, یاهو 360‏

۳ دیدگاه برای “ME, myself”

  1. Saeed-A گفت:

    I think I know u because I…you!
    majburet kardan?

  2. Reyes(s) گفت:

    But still I love you my friends,



    Just Sorry 4 u ..

  3. اِی.اِم.آی.اِن گفت:

    I’m sorry 4 U 2 …

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